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Cozy Up to Bakery's Allies


Culinary Tides, Inc., www.culinarytides.com, sbadaracco@culinarytides.com.Twitter: https://twitter.com/sbadaracco; LinkedIn: Suzy Badaracco. Cereal Foods World 62(2):79-80.

In this column, Badaracco discusses how the bakery segment can work with its allies to capitalize on new trends and opportunities. Breakfast, a strong ally, is breaking away from tradition and taking bakery along for the ride, with new and traditional products consumed as part of meals or as snacks throughout the day. Grains can also act as interpreters for global cuisines, extending an invitation to consumers to experience new foods. Bakery products offer many opportunities to incorporate new and ancient grains. Pulse flours also have begun making their way into the bakery sector and are expanding formulation possibilities. Finally, seasonal tarts and pies, both savory and sweet, are canvases for creativity and endlessly adaptable vehicles for fresh seasonal produce and celebrations.

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