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What's Next for Southern Flavors


Culinary Tides, Inc., www.culinarytides.com, sbadaracco@culinarytides.com.Twitter: https://twitter.com/sbadaracco; LinkedIn: Suzy Badaracco. Cereal Foods World 62(6):287-287.

While the U.S. food industry has been focused on births in flavor trends arriving from South America, another has been quietly walking in their footsteps. Central American cuisine is experiencing a rebirth. Americans are well acquainted with Mexican cuisine, but the rest of the Central American region remains relatively unknown. The birth of the South American flavor trend originated with Peruvian cuisine and featured quinoa and ceviche as its poster children and led to other regions coming into focus as well, including Argentina, Brazil, and, most recently, Uruguay. Each region has its own strengths and links to existing trends, including the wine industry, the Olympic Games and world soccer championships, and live-fire cooking. Central American cuisine has a more humble personality than South American cuisine but has a solid footing with other strong trends that are already on the ground and running, including super fruits, ancient and single grains, water hints, spirits including sotol, beans, and pulses. A champion can make their voices heard.

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