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Pre-Meeting Enzymes in Cereal Grains and Cereal-Based Foods Short Course

Who should attend: application bakery technologists, cereal scientists, bakery plant supervisors, quality assurance employees from cereal based product industries. Education level required is bachelor level or equal and higher

Course Overview: This workshop is in response to enzymes' increasingly important role in the baking industry. The objective of this workshop to give an overview on the latest developments of enzyme applications in baked goods via the professionals from the leaders of enzyme research and development in the enzyme industry and academia.


9:00 Enzymes 101, safety and regulations Dr. Dilek Austin
9:30 Industrial enzyme production Dr. Sara Landvick
10:00 Historical perspective of enzymes Dr. Andrew Ross
10:30 Overview of enzyme applications in baking and clean labels Dr. Peter Weegels
11:00 New strategies to develop new enzyme functionalities Dr. Phil Latham
11:30 Xylanases, inhibitors and endogenous enzymes Dr. Christophe Courtin
13:00 Amylases-chemistry and applications Dr Peter Weegels
13:30 Lipases-chemistry and applications clean labels Dr. Neil Carr
14:00 Glucose oxidases-chemistry and applications Dr Dilek Austin
14:30 Proteases-chemistry and applications Dr Peter Weegels
15:00 Special application-Flat bread Dr. Irina Matveeva, Dr. Henrik Lundkvist
15:30 Special application-Acrylamide reduction Dr. Joke Putseys
16:00 Special application- whole grain bakery quality Dr. Yonghui Li
16:30 Group discussions All
17:30 Wrap Up

*As of 5/31/18; subject to change.


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