February 2020
This Month at Cereals & Grains Association
Nanning Cao
Get to Know Nanning Cao
Cao is involved in Cereals & Grains Association so she can make a contribution to the grain industry and push major advancements in the techniques associated with NIRS and its application. She says, “It helps us stay on top of technology and promote real industrial application. Also, it provides great opportunity for me to practice my leadership skills.” Read more about Nanning Cao in the new blog post.
Science & Trends
This issue offers a broad view of the transportation systems used to move food products around the world and illuminates some of the challenges and identifies practical ways to address these challenges.
Roye et al. link structure and composition to the fecal fermentation characteristics of endosperm-depleted wheat, rye, oat, and maize bran, suggesting that a more goal-oriented choice may be made for bran-type incorporation into food products.
Award call
These awards recognize the outstanding service, scientific innovations, and significant accomplishments of association members in the field of cereal grain science. 
Annual Meeting
The Cereals & Grains 20 meeting theme is “Connecting Grain Science with Global Sustainability”. The meeting will be focused on three hot issues facing our field: 1) How do we ensure traceability and safe products? 2) How do we meet the growing list of demands of the environmental and health-conscious consumer? 3) How do we innovate faster to meet food security, environmental, and market needs? More details and example topics will be provided on the website to inspire submission ideas—start putting your ideas together now and watch for more details in the next two weeks! 
Sections & Divisions
Discover new philosophies in bakery formulation and food safety at the annual spring conference hosted by the Milling & Baking Division. This is a great opportunity to identify future research and regulatory opportunities and network with your peers from across the industry.
What are the genetic, cultural, and environmental factors impacting rice quality? This is just one of the questions we'll tackle at our bi-annual rice short course. Learn from University of Arkansas faculty in this interactive course featuring lab demonstrations and sensory evaluation exercises.
Cereals & Grains Association is offering a new membership category to support accessible membership for cereals and grains colleagues who are early in their careers. The Early Career Membership is available at $95/year and includes all the benefits of professional membership for individuals in the first 5 years of their career.
Important Dates
Cereals & Grains Association sponsored events:
April 22–24, 2020—Milling & Baking Spring Technical Conference: Today's Foundation, Tomorrow's Harvest
April 27–30, 2020—Cereals & Grains Association-Sponsored International Forum on Baking and Fermentation Biotechnology for Foods

Other events:
February 16–20, 2020—Gulfood 2020, 25th Anniversary
February 27–29, 2020—2020 Commodity Classic
April 710, 2020—124th Annual IAOM, International Association of Operative Millers, Conference & Expo
July 1215, 2020—Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo

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