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Development of Globix: A New Bean-based Pretzel-like Snack

A. A. Anton, F. B. Luciano, and H. Maskus. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. Cereal Foods World 53(2):70-74.

A team of 11 graduate students from the Department of Food Science of the University of Manitoba, Canada, was awarded first place in the 2007 AACC International Student Division Product Development Competition. Their product, Globix, represents the multiculturalism of North American society, bringing together flavors of diverse parts of the globe. This article details some of the aspects of the teamís winning design. Globix are crunchy sticks comprising a balanced combination of whole wheat and whole navy bean flours. They introduce jalapeno, creamy dill, mild curry, and wasabi flavors aimed to please those who appreciate the best seasonings of the planet in a healthy, convenient, and unique product. Globix offer a colorful and shiny appearance with a delightfully crunchy texture, bringing a new concept to healthy and flavorful snacks.


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