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AACC International Check Sample and Proficiency Testing Service

E. Gay. Horizon Milling, LLC, Chattanooga, TN. Cereal Foods World 53(2):96.

Are you interested in evaluating the precision of your lab technicians, monitoring the performance of your instrumentation, or validating your results with others in the industry? The AACC International Check Sample and Proficiency Testing Service provides samples for evaluating testing protocols in analytical, physical, and food safety areas, as well as standard reference materials for ongoing monitoring of your labís precision or for benchmarking. The reports generated provide a means for you to compare your results to those of other labs, track trends, and determine any potential corrective action needed. Subscription to the proficiency testing option, available for some of the analyses, provides a statistical evaluation of your labís performance. A variety of chemical analyses are represented depending on the type of check sample chosen within the Analytical Series. Other options are also available depending on the frequency of testing that meets your needs. The Physical Testing Series includes alveograph, farinograph, amylograph, mixograph, and RVA analyses. Samples for evaluation include both hard and soft wheat flours and address different instrumentation needs, e.g., large and small bowl farinograph options. And, finally the Food Safety Series is focused on microbiological analyses. Standard Reference Materials are also available.


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