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Assuring the Highest Quality Science at AACC International

B. Bruinsma. Cereal Foods World 53(4):179.

According to the surveys we recently sent to our membership, one of the society’s most pressing issues is to evaluate the quality of science being presented at its meetings and in its publications. Researchers need to know that AACC International is the best place to present and publish their work. How do you actually measure the quality of science in the annual meeting program, in Cereal Chemistry and Cereal Foods World articles, in our technical committees and methods, in books, and in our short courses? We do surveys and focus groups, we measure attendance, and committees and staff have discussions. Over the last six months the Board of Directors, a member task force on the subject, and staff have made a concentrated effort to convert the dialogue to action. This editorial lists some of the paths that AACC International is aggressively pursuing to ensure that we represent the highest quality of science.


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