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Stabilizing Flax for Food Applications

K. C. Fitzpatrick. Flax Canada 2015, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Cereal Foods World 53(5):280-282.

Consider flaxseed as a rich source of Omega-3s. Benefits of flax: treating cardiovascular disease, inflammation, diabetes, cancer, and improving the overall mental and immune systems health, a source of fiber, healthful fats, and lignans. The article goes on to discuss the affect of Omega-3 on food (flavor, aroma, color, etc.) and its various stability problems. Due to a complex and effective antioxidant profile, food manufacturers using flaxseed as a source are much less likely to face these challenges. Processing advances are extending the use of milled flaxseed to capitalize on its natural antioxidants to stabilize not only flax ALA but also fish oil EPA and DHA as well as algae-sourced DHA. The article also discusses nutritional claims and regulatory status.


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