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Crispy Cracks Symposium Explores Crispness and Water Management

R. Hamer and T. van Vliet. TI Food and Nutrition, The Netherlands. Cereal Foods World 53(5):289.

This article provides an overview of the first international symposium on crispness creation and retention. The symposium, entitled, “Crispy Cracks Symposium,” was organized by Cereals & Europe and TI Food and Nutrition. The symposium contained three sessions: 1) Crispiness—The Fundamentals; 2) Water Management; and 3) From Fundamentals to Product Development. The keynote lecture “Crispy Crusts: from Basic Knowledge to the Real World” discussed how one can come to guidelines to improve crispness creation and retention for bread systems based on fundamental considerations regarding the required fracture behavior for crispy products. The meeting was unique in combining different aspects of crispiness into one symposium.


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