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A “Softer” Approach to Improving the Quality of Refrigerated Bakery Products

K. Sargent. Caravan Ingredients, Lenexa, KS. Cereal Foods World 53(6):301-305.

Fridge Soft™ is Caravan Ingredients’ innovative solution to solve the staling of bakery products. Consumer sensory tests indicated that this product eliminated bread staling while improving the flavor and taste of baked goods over an extended shelf life. With Fridge Soft, baked products remain soft and fresh with increased resilience, improved texture, and improved toasting qualities. Consumers can also store products in the refrigerator for extended mold-free periods of time. New methods of production become possible with longer production runs and fewer changeovers. Products can be distributed into larger markets. And most importantly, more products can be sold from the shelf which will reduce stale returns and waste. Fridge Soft not only improves efficiency, but allows for positive reformulations. Potential formula changes include reducing or eliminating chemical dough strengtheners, reducing sugar and yeast, increasing water absorption, and decreasing bake time. The extended shelf life and versatility of Fridge Soft will revolutionize the way bakery products are produced, distributed, marketed, and consumed.


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