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Symposia are aimed at optimal knowledge transfer through invited speaker 15-minute talks with time for topical questions and a panel at the end of the session.

Cereals and Pulse-based Foods in Asia: Innovation and Modernization for Health

Dietary Fiber in the Food Industry: A Role for Psyllium?

The Future of Food Safety

Innovative Plant Proteins and Protein Derivatives: Production and Properties

Mapping the Physical and Functional Attributes of Starches: Understanding the Impact of Starches on Texture, Food Quality, and Sensory Perception for Optimal Product Formulation

Novel Proteomics Approaches in Cereal Grain Research

Powder Rheology

Protein Trends and Technologies: Health, Regulatory, and Formulation Challenges

Pulses as Ingredients in Innovative Food Applications: Physicochemical and Nutri-Functional Attributes

Recent Advances on Structure-Function Relations of Rice and Rice-Based Food

Sensory Approaches and New Methods for Developing Grain-Based Products

Sprouted Grains: What is in it for Consumers?

The Statistics of Sampling, Analytical Methods Development and Experimentation

Understanding the Nutritional & Functional Benefits of Pulse Flours & Fiber

Wheat Quality—What Is It and How Have We Been Measuring It?