Tuesday, October 10 • 2:30 - 4:10 p.m.

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Publishing Cereal Science Research

Organizer: Les Copeland, Editor in Chief, Cereal Chemistry, Australia

Sponsored by: Cereal Chemistry

Session Type: Interactive Workshop

Publishing the findings of research is an essential professional skill for cereal scientists, yet many find this a difficult aspect of their work. Several recent trends are compounding these difficulties for researchers and are placing increased pressures on scientific journals. The digital disruption of publication, growth of open-access journals, the move towards post-publication availability of data (open data), and an increased respect for observing research ethics, inter alia, are leading scientific publication in new directions.  Funding agencies and policy-makers are expressing concerns about the quality of published data, and the replicability, reproducibility and generalizability of experimental studies. Scientific rigour and clear communication are particularly important in cereal science research, which underpins public policy through its relationship to food and nutrition.  This session, to be led by Les Copeland and Jon Faubion, Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor, respectively, of Cereal Chemistry, will address many of these issues facing cereal scientists and journals as they to publish cereal science research. The session will cover: the basics of good papers; handling data; enhancing the prospects of success in the peer-review system; ethical considerations in preparing and submitting manuscripts; acting as a peer-reviewer of papers. An outlook on future directions for Cereal Chemistry will be given as the journal enters a publishing partnership from 2018 with the commercial publishing house Wiley.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Write improved manuscripts for publication.
  • Understand peer review and how to optimize success therein.
  • Understand the ethics of publishing science.

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