Cereals & Grains 19 Social Media Kit

 5 Ways To Promote Cereals & Grains 19 on Social Media


1: Share Our Social Graphic On Your Own Social Media Account

Download the official Cereals & Grains 19 social graphic (below) and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be sure to tag us in your post @AACCIntl.


Cereals & Grains 19 social media graphic  


2: Add This Email Banner To Your Email Signature

Upload this graphic to your email signature line and link it to our meeting site (aaccnet.org/CG2019).


Cereals & Grains 19 email signature


3: Invite Your Friends To Cereals & Grains 19 Via Our Facebook Event

Go to our Facebook Event and click on the "Invite Your Friends" button. Invite any of your colleagues that you are Facebook friends with who would also be interested in attending Cereals & Grains 19.

4: Submit A Video Telling Us About Your Experience At Past Annual Meetings

Record a 30-60 second video clip on your phone and explain:

  • What you most enjoy about attending the annual meeting?
  • What you think is most unique about AACCI — Cereals & Grains Association's annual meetings? 
  • What you are looking forward to the most at Cereals & Grains 19? 

Once you've recorded your video, you can submit it to our Dropbox Account. We will share it on all our social media channels.


5: Use The Official Hashtag & Meeting Site

When posting about or sharing Cereals & Grains 19 online, be sure to tag #cerealsgrains19 and point people to this website, aaccnet.org/CG2019. Your help getting the word out about the meeting is crucial to its success. Thank you for your support!