Cereals & Grains 19 ePosters provide the opportunity for additional exposure of your research!

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Ready to submit your ePoster? Follow the link you received via email or contact


Interactive ePoster - created with a pdf of your poster and an .mp4 video file that you create! The short video recording will give attendees additional information about your research that may not be apparent on your poster. The interactive ePoster will highlight different sections of your poster, making the important details front and center for the attendee.

Non-interactive ePoster - a pdf of your poster available on the meeting app - giving attendees the opportunity to view your research throughout the entire meeting, and can then easily contact you via the app's messaging tool to answer questions and collaborate!



All poster presenters are given the opportunity to create an ePoster. And ALL attendees have access to viewing the ePosters throughout the meeting. If someone isn't able to stop by a poster on the day they are up on the boards, they can easily be accessed virtually!



There will be an ePoster Kiosk onsite in Denver that will give access to the fully interactive ePosters.  The Cereals & Grains 19 website will also have the fully interactive ePosters available for viewing. The non-interactive ePosters will be accessible in the meeting app.



Each Cereals & Grains 19 Poster Presenter will receive an email with a unique upload link the week of September 16.
*ePosters must be created and finalized by October 28. Any ePosters submitted after this date will be available on the app and Cereals & Grains 19 website, but not on the ePoster kiosk.



  • Do not read your poster please, rather highlight the key points and results that you feel are most important to share with the audience.
  • Please remember to provide your name and affiliation.
  • We recommend that you write a short script about the key points you would like to present in your ePoster.
  • When you record your audio, we recommend that you keep this to no more than two minutes.
  • Use your audio to define the slide breakpoints in your poster.

Guidelines for Poster Creation

  • Minimum font: 28 pt
  • Recommended Font types: Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman
  • You can create your poster with Power Point, using just one large page only.
  • Save as a pdf for upload.
  • Posters should be a minimum size of (4800px w x 3600px h) or (16in w x 12in h @ 300dpi) for best display.

Upload Instructions 

  1. Before completing the upload process, you must save your ePoster as a pdf AND create your video file, saved as a .mp4 file. They are uploaded as separate files and then combine through the ePoster tool.
  2. Click the link provided in the email below.
  3. Click “Upload ePoster. This is where you will upload your poster as  PDF file.
  4. Choose your poster PDF file, ensuring the upload type is set to “e-Poster”.
  5. Click “Save”.
  6. Then, click “Update ePoster Upload” to upload your video file.
  7. Choose your video file, ensuring the upload type is set to “Video.”
  8. Click “Save.”
  9. Then, click the hyperlink displayed after “ePoster Link:”. This will be a customized link for you to create your ePoster.
  10. Using the ePoster tool, you can now create slides and sync your video.
    1. Slides will pull up and highlight certain areas of your poster for the viewer of the ePoster.
    2. The video syncing can allow you to describe certain areas of your poster to the listener at the desired times.
  11. Select “Add a slide”
    1. Use the “Set Area” tool to draw a box around the slide that you want.
    2. Use the “Sync to Media Time” tool to match your video recording to specific slides.
    3. Select “Sync to Media” to clear the timer.
    4. Indicate the time (in seconds) of the video in the box next to “Sync to Media.”
  12. Preview your ePoster as you build it using the green “Preview” button.
  13. When you have completed your ePoster, select the red “X” button in the top right hand corner.
  14. You can always go back in to edit your ePoster by using your personalized ePoster Link from the previous page.