Symposia Session Submissions


Submissions are currently closed. Submitters will be notified of the acceptance status of their submission in June.


The Cereals & Grains 19 Program Team and Board of Directors have identified themes and topics to reach deep into the current and emerging issues of our membership. Global Food Systems will discuss topics in the Food Security; Innovation in the Value Chain; and Health and Wellness arenas and will offer something to meet the interests and issues related to people who are in fundamental/basic research; applied research; QA/QC; nutrition and processing.  


When submitting your symposium ideas, please consider these themes and how they will fit into the program.



          Food Security

           Consider: Regenerative Ag., Breeding for components, contamination (myco/aflatoxins), adulteration/regulation, climate change [i.e. soil health;
           regenerative agriculture
], etc.

          Innovation in the Value Chain

           Consider: Ingredients structure/function, formulation, benefit of processing or advances in processing, whole grains, food safety, pet food, rapid testing,
           fortification, incubators [i.e.: new in ingredients; food printing; glyphosate; Blockchain Technology – how the CDC can have such rapid responses to food
           safety issues;
rice and corn (specialty crops quinoa, etc. if health and wellness component; value add issues of fortification], etc.

          Health and Wellness

           Consider: Personalized nutrition, specialty crops, eg. quinoa, pet food nutrition, dietary clinical research (from whole grain discussions), plant proteins, food plate; what personal devices are measuring, etc.


Symposium submissions will be accepted from March 1 through April 12, 2019. The program team will review submissions and reach out to organizers with questions before the end of April. Please do not formally invite your speakers until you receive official notice that your symposium submission has been accepted by the program team.


Additionally, the program team will identify 1-2 appropriate presentations from the submitted technical abstract submissions that will be slotted into your symposium (15 minutes each.)


Cereals & Grains 19 Symposium Submission Process and Timeline:


March 1 – April 12          Phase 1

                                         Organizers submit symposium session ideas via online form for consideration by the program team. Form is designed to assist the team in
                                         developing a timely, well-rounded program that meets the needs of the membership and supports the themes of the meeting.

April 12-30                       Program Team reviews symposium submissions and notify organizers of acceptance, clarification needed or decline.


April 30 – May 31            Phase 2

                                         After organizers receive acceptance, they’ll be sent a link (via to update their final session abstract, presenters
                                         with contact information and list of the sponsorship funds they’ve obtained/solicited.


June 3-July 31               Phase 3

                                        All invited speakers will receive an e-mail with a link from to submit their abstracts.


September - October 29   Phase 4

                                        All presenters will be sent a link with details to upload their presentation along with any supporting documentation they wish to share with
                                        meeting attendees. (PDF’s of presentation or handouts, ePosters, etc.)


 To submit your symposium for consideration, please complete this form.  


To submit a Pre-Meting Workshop idea, please download and complete this form and return it per the instructions on the form.