Session Highlights

Sunday, November 3rd: Food Security

Sustainability of Plant Proteins

Glyphosate and Cereal Grains: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Hot Topics in Food Safety & Quality

Food Waste Along the Supply Chain: Problems and Solutions

Monday, November 4th: Innovation in the Value Chain

Is it CRISPR - Gene Edited Plants: Role and Impact on the Value Chain

Alternative Proteins for Nutritional and Functional Enhancement

Functional Aggregation by Cereal Protein

Interface Mechanisms in Baking: Leads for Innovation

Exploiting Natural Polyphenols to Improve Dietary Quality of Carbohydrates and their Benefits to Health

When Cereals and Grains become “Meat”: The Transformation of Meat Alternatives

Genomic Tools for end-use Quality Traits in Cereals

Cannabis, CBD in the Food Industry

Alteration of Grain Protein Properties with Polyphenolic Compounds

Tuesday, November 5th: Health and Wellness

The Impact of Food Matrix and Processing on Nutrient Bioavailability of Pulses

Recent Progress in Dietary Fibers and Colonic Microbiome

Have Refined, Enriched Grain Staples been Unfairly Demonized?

Whole Grain Initiative

A 360-degree approach: Arabinoylans from Genes to Gut

Functionalizing Carbohydrates for Better Health: Cereals and Beyond

Nutrition Along the Value Chain – More than just a Financial Consideration


Challenges and Solutions for Making Protein Claims

*Titles and Topics are Subject to Change. Not all-inclusive.