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Exploring the antioxidant potential of fenugreek augmented wheat bread
A. SHEHZAD (1), M. Tanveer (2), S. Tanweer (2), A. Ansari (2) (1) National Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan; (2) University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Fenugreek seed bioactive moieties were extracted through conventional solvent extraction (CSE) and supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) techniques. The nutraceuticals through CSE was prepared using methanol as a solvent at 50 min and 50 ºC temperature. For supercritical fluid extraction, carbon dioxide of 99.95% purity was pressurized following 3625 psi at 50ºC. In product development phase, fenugreek bread using conventional and supercritical fluid extracts @ 3 & 0.1%, correspondingly was prepared. A control sample without fenugreek seed extract was also prepared for comparison purpose. The products were analyzed through physiochemical, antioxidant analysis followed by sensory evaluation during the storage period of 96 hr. Texture of fenugreek bread was analyzed through texture analyzer by measuring the force applied on the surface of bread. Antioxidant potential of fenugreek bread was evaluated by determining the total phenolic contents (TPC). It was maximum for T2 69.99±2.799 followed by T1 65.91±2.636 and T0 58.96±2.358. Storage time also affected the TPC substantially and at 0 hour value for TPC was 66.74±2.67, whilst after 96 hour it was 62.73±2.5. Maximum score for texture was achieved for treatment T1 2.97±0.12, lagged by treatment T0 2.76±0.11 and T2 2.68±0.11. Results regarding color for bread has revealed color scores for bread reduced significantly as a function of storage during 96 hours and maximum 7.16±0.29 were assigned to T1 (3% conventional solvent extract) followed by T0 (control) 7.01±0.28 while minimum 6.8±0.27 to T2 (0.1% SFE).  It is evident from the statistical analysis that T1 attained higher scores for flavor 7.32±0.29. In view of the overall acceptability, T2 was considered best with allocated score (7.01±0.281), whereas T0 at the lower level with score (6.53±0.26).