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Rheological characterization of new cereal: Tritordeum
A. DUBAT (1), L. Bosc-Bierne (2), O. Le Brun (2) (1) CHOPIN Technologies, Villeneuve-la-Garenne, Other, France; (2) CHOPIN Technologies, Villeneuve-la-Garenne, France.

The Tritordeum cereal is a new cereal on the market. It was first commercialized in 2006. The rheological properties of Tritordeum are not fully understood yet which makes the quality control of this cereal very complicated. Thus, this study aims to evaluate the rheological properties of Tritordeum flour. 3 Tritordeum flours with various baking quality were tested according to both the AACC 54-30.08 standard protocol and a new testing protocol called "Tritordeum protocol". This protocol is conducted at 45 % hydration with a slower mixing speed (40 rpm instead of 60). All analyses were made in duplicate to evaluate the repeatability of the new method. The results showed that both protocols allowed the assessment of Tritordeum flour. However, the Tritordeum protocol gave results closer to the baking performance: Since Tritordeum flour contains less gluten protein, reducing the mixing speed allows to less damage the weaker gluten network (W values are between 107 and 227 instead of 38 and 135). Consequently, the results are more representative of the quality of the tested flour.  •           The new protocol allows obtaining a better repeatability: the means standard deviations between 2 runs of the same flour are in average 3 times lower: 2.6 with the Tritordeum protocol instead of 8 with the standard protocol (W value). •           Finally, the results are more discriminated and so more consistent with the baking quality of the flours. For example, the higher the "I.e." parameter is, the better the behavior of the flour during process is (7.6% for unacceptable baking quality flour, 37.6% for excellent baking quality flour). Rheological properties of Tritordeum doughs can be evaluated and the baking quality of such products can be predicted thanks to the new "Tritordeum protocol". Key words: Tritordeum, Alveograph, Rheology, Baking performance