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Sprouted barley flour as a new ingredient for bread baking
Y. JIANG (1), L. Mo (1), G. Weaver (1), M. Martin (1), J. Hu (1), G. Guo (1) (1) Ardent Mills, , U.S.A..

Special attention is paid to sprouted barley flour due to its unique nutrition value and components for baking application. Raw barley contains a high amount of dietary fiber, and its barley starch is reported to be a substitute of wheat starch for bread baking due to its satisfactory loaf volume and texture. After sprouting, simple sugar content in barley spiked as high as 9%, making it possible to formulate bread with reduction of added sugar. In this study, Sustagrain®, the highest-fiber whole grain, was selected as a raw material for sprouting. Three, five and seven days were used to process sprouting in chambers with controlled temperature (14?C). Sprouted barely was steamed with different time length to deactivate amylase and glucanase. After milling, the sprouted barley flour was blended with either refined or whole wheat Ultragrain High Performance (UG-HP)® at a ratio of 25:75; and baked by sponge and dough method with 25% and 50% reduction of added sugar. Blend consists of sprouted barley and UG-HP® refined offered similar baking volume as regular whole wheat bread and slightly open internal crumb. The bread was a good source of fiber; blend of sprouted barley and UG-HP® whole wheat baked slightly nutty flavored bread with soft texture and full of body, with similar internal crumb and slightly lower volume (~20%) than regular whole wheat bread. The bread was an excellent source of fiber. Shelf-life study of all breads demonstrated similar or retarded bread staling compared to whole wheat bread. Breads from blends of selected process were acceptable or preferred to our sensory panels, especially in aspects of sweetness and flavor.  The study showed that by optimizing sprouting and kilning process, sprouted barley flour can be a new ingredient for bread with reduction of added sugar and good/excellent source of dietary fiber.

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