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GABA enrichment and functional metabolites produced by Mung bean and cereals fermentation system for foods
F. WANG (1), C. Jia (2), X. Su (1) (1) MagiBake International, Inc., Wuxi, China; (2) Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China.

?-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), a four carbon non protein amino acid, acts as a major inhibitory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system has several physiological functions such as antihypertensive. Foods can be enriched in GABA by lactic acid bacteria (LAB). Traditionally fermented foods are rich in the GABA enriching LAB. In this study, GABA producing LAB strains were isolated from traditionally fermented rice noodles and fermented grains; primary screening done using culture techniques, secondary screening done using modified paper chromatography (MPC) and HPLC. A total of 621 and 124 LAB strains were isolated from fermented rice noodles and fermented grains respectively. Based on GABA enriching potential, one strain (Identity: <i>Lactobacillus buchneri</i> (<i>L.bu</i>)) from fermented rice noodles and one strains (Identity: all <i>Lactobacillus brevis</i> (<i>L.br)</i>) from fermented grains were selected, used as starters to optimize GABA content in mung bean flour sourdough (MSD). Total free amino acid (FAA) of both sourdoughs significantly increased, MSD<i>.bu</i> (634.43) and MSD.<i>br </i>(596.76) compared to mung dough without fermentation (234.53mg/100g). In bread, mung sourdough bean bread (MSB.bu and MSB.br) in comparison with wheat bread (WB) and mung bean bread (MB), the FAA was in the order: WB (72.94)<="" sourdough="" through="" bread="" mung="" of="" characteristics="" sensory="" and="" nutritional="" the="" enhanced="" significantly="" selected="" strains="" lab="" conclusion,="" in="" compounds.="" flavor="" volatile="" unique="" different="" 10="" contained="" also="" flavor,="" beany="" decreased="" showed="" msb.br.="" msb.bu="" however,="" flavor.="" mb="" increased="" wb,="" with="" compared="" for="" furan="" pentyl="" 2-="" alcohol="" isoamyl="" hexanol,="" hexanal,="" increase="" respectively.="" breads="" experimental="" fermentation="" after="" detected="" were="" kinds="" 84="" 24="" gc-ms,="" by="" studied="" compounds="" (257.58).="" (222.51)