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Panel Discussion for 30-minutes - Sprouted Grains: Opportunities and challenges
E. ABDELAAL (1), R. Serrsno (2) (1) AAFC, Guelph, ON, Canada; (2) GrainMillers, Eugene, OR, U.S.A..

Sprouted grains have a long history as foods and it is believed to be healthier compared to their respective non-sprouted grains. Sprouted grains can be considered as an improved version of whole grains with better taste and health-enhancing properties. However, nutritional and therapeutic properties of sprouted grains still remain unclear, particularly when assessing optimum seed-modification and consensus on method-development to make such assessment. Discussions on sprouted grains in terms of nutrient bioavailability, safety and regulatory, and their role in human health and disease prevention together with the associated transparency have never been needed more than in today’s competitive and health-driven food market and health-conscious consumers. This panel discussion gathers experts from academia, industry and government to discuss health beneficial effects and consumer perception of sprouted grain products and the opportunities and challenges facing the grain industry.