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Processing of dietary fibers: Practical considerations.
D. PANZER-BIDDLE (1) (1) J. Rettenmaier USA LP, Schoolcraft, MI, U.S.A..

Psyllium is a well-known soluble fiber that has many health benefits as well as functionality in various food products. General consumers would easily recognize key brands such as Metamucil® manufactured by Procter and Gamble sold in retail markets. Products under these well-known brands are easily recognized by consumers for their multiple health benefits including heart health by reducing cholesterol. There are many health benefits for consumers that incorporate psyllium and other fiber sources into their everyday eating habits. However, the way psyllium is processed may not be as easily understood by the general consumer. This presentation will cover some of the basic ways that psyllium is produced in order to have a clean, safe, and healthy food ingredient soluble fiber source.

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