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​Gluten-Free Food Formulation and Testing Webinar

Broadcast Date: September 16​, 2014

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Webinar Summary

Gluten-free foods are popular not only for people with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and some cases of wheat allergy, but also among the general population. Food manufacturers are developing new products to respond to the market demand and testing to ensure compliance with global labeling requirements. This webinar will present the necessary steps to consider for successful product formulation and the analytical tools needed to ensure compliance in labeling regulations

“On August 2, 2013, FDA issued a final rule defining “gluten-free” for food labeling, which will help consumers, especially those living with celiac disease, be confident that items labeled “gluten-free” meet a defined standard for gluten content. The compliance date for the final rule was August 5, 2014”. (www.fda.gov)

Cereals & Grains Technical experts Jeff Casper will discuss development of gluten-free food formulations and their acceptance in the marketplace, and Dr. Clyde Don will focus on gluten testing methods available for different foods and beverages and their use to meet global labeling regulations

About the Presenters

Clyde Don, Ph.D., is the Owner/Managing Director of FoodPhysica, a research and development consulting firm for food and agriculture located in The Netherlands.

Jeffery Casper, MS, is the Director of Research and Development at Cargill's Oil and Shortenings Division in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He is also co-author of the 2014 publication, Gluten Free Baked Products.