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​​Milling & Baking Webinar Series

Part 1: International Issues in Formulations

Broadcast Date: September 8, 2016

Lecturer: Tim Christensen, Senior Scientist, Cargill

This webinar will cover health claims and regulations around formulating for many countries.

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Part 2: Gluten-Free Formulation

Broadcast Date: September 22, 2016

Lecturer: Jeff Casper, Principal Scientist, Technical Director, Mill City Food Solutions

Join this informational presentation to receive an overview of the challenges of gluten free formulation. You’ll be provided a summary of recent progress made in formulating gluten free cereal products from a nutritional and sensory perspective. The lecturer will define remaining challenges for gluten free products. The lecture information will be presented within the context of current market trends and projections. Formulation strategies will also be reviewed.

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Part 3: GMO/CRISPR-Cas9 Technologies and Potential Impact on Production and Utilization

Broadcast Date: October 13, 2016

Lecturer: Eric Jackson, Principal Geneticist/Systems Biologist, General Mills Crop Bioscience, Wheat Innovation Center

This talk will look at applications in crop improvement from classical breeding to gene editing. The session, will explore what is currently acceptable in the world of food production and dive into what the food industry should or should not be doing.

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Part 4: Formulating Whole Grains for Taste, Moisture & Performance in Bakery Applications

Broadcast Date: November 3, 2016

Lecturer: Harold Ward, Technical Services Representative, Bay State Milling

When formulating whole grain products, understanding the basics is key. This presentation will cover questions to ask and points for consideration when formulating. It will touch on various grains, sweeteners, flavor systems and dough conditioning systems including oxidation, emulsification and enzymes. Processing will also be covered with regard to fermentation and dough development.

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