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​Mycotoxins Important for the North American Grain Industries

Webinar Series Summary

This series includes two webinars that feature highlights of the recent World Mycotoxin Conference, and gives participants the opportunity to learn directly from the authors of the recent Cereal Foods World publication, "DON Occurrence in Grains: A North American Perspective." Each webinar will feature two presentations.

Part 1: June 30, 2016

Lecturers: Anne R. Bridges of AACC International, and Andreia Bianchini of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln

In the first webinar on June 30th, the presentations will provide a general overview of mycotoxins important in the grains industries and the potential impact of climate change on the distribution and concentration of the mycotoxins. The second presentation will discuss specifically Deoxynivalenol (DON) present in grains in North America and the impact of the new Codex Guidelines.

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Part 2: July 14, 2016

Lecturers: Sheryl A. Tittlemeier, Grain Research Laboratory, Canadian Grain Commission, Canada and Dojin Ryu, University of Idaho, USA

DON present in the kernel is mainly distributed toward the outer layer including the bran. Physical treatment, such as milling, redistributes the toxin into different fractions of varying concentrations rather than removing it from the product. DON levels in certain milled fractions such as flour can be reduced substantially by removing bran and germ from the infected kernels. The steps included in these processes will be discussed.

The final presentation will discuss the critical importance of sampling, an on-line tool to help develop sampling plans, and considerations when using measurement.

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Mycotoxins in Grain: Compounds Other than Aflatoxins

This book provides a thorough presentation of the chemistry and biology of mycotoxins and their impact on food safety, animal health, and productivity.

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