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​​​​Webinar Series - Whole Grains

Global Perspectives on Whole Grains

Explore insights from around the world.

Price: Free for members, $49 for nonmembers (for each webinar)
Available​ On-Demand — see details about each session below.


Over the last decade, much has been written and discussed about the nutritional benefits of whole grains. Various food and nutrition groups and councils have emphasized the importance of whole grain consumption as part of a healthy and balanced diet

There is no doubt that whole grains offer a complete package of health benefits, unlike refined grains, which are stripped of valuable nutrients. The importance of whole grain consumption is as critical now as ever. We have availability of tools for more accurate monitoring and the ability to control what is labelled as a whole grain food. This allows food manufacturers more transparency in consumer messaging. Many countries around the globe still fall behind in meeting minimum consumption targets.

This Whole Grain Webinar Series will offer insights into the status of where we are globally.

In this series we will learn:

  • The importance and benefits of whole grain consumption
  • Obstacles to more whole grain consumption
  • Ways to measure whole grain food products

Explore the Global Perspectives on Whole Grains Below

  • Part 1: The Australian Perspective
  • Part 2: The US Perspective
  • Part 3: The South Korean Perspective
  • Part 4: A Perspective from Sweden

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