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Cereals & Grains Association publishes high-quality books on food-related topics. Books are accepted under the supervision of the Book Acquisitions Committee and Elsevier, the association's book-publishing partner.

Cereals & Grains Association produces all types of books, from basic formatted volumes to edited and typeset fully illustrated handbooks and texts.

The book program offers a wide range of benefits to its authors, volume editors, and contributors.

Benefits to Authors and Volume Editors

  • Association with a nonprofit publisher dedicated to the distribution of grain science and food science information
  • High-quality published editions appropriate to the publication's intended audience, purpose, and price
  • Worldwide marketing and distribution to libraries and individuals through Elsevier and Cereals & Grains Association publishing, marketing, and communications channels.
  • Collaboration throughout the publication process with both publishing and science professionals

Publication Procedures

Prior to final acceptance for publication, proposed books undergo a two-stage evaluation:

1. An evaluation of a formal publication proposal submitted by the author or volume editor, usually before the manuscript is written
2. A review of the completed manuscript upon submission.

Publication Proposal

Authors and volume editors seeking publication must first submit a publication proposal for consideration by the Cereals & Grains Association Book Acquisitions Committee.

Complete your publication proposal(s) in the following three steps:

1. Download our book proposal form.
2. Fill out all sections. Make sure to provide all requested information.
3. Send your proposal to the email address indicated in the form. 

The completed proposal will be distributed for committee evaluation. Prospective authors will be notified of proposal status within six to twelve weeks of submission.

Manuscript Preparation

Once the book proposal has been approved, a publication agreement will be drawn up and sent to the author or volume editor. The agreement will contain much of the information provided by the author or volume editor in the publication proposal and will act as a reference in determining whether the completed manuscript is acceptable after the review stage.

Manuscript Review

For final acceptance, the completed manuscript must successfully undergo a formal review. Reviewers are responsible for evaluating the manuscript from two primary perspectives: 1) that the final manuscript is consistent with the author's or volume editor's original publication proposal, as originally accepted and written in the publication agreement, and 2) that the manuscript is scientifically and/or technically accurate. Also during the review, the manuscript will be evaluated to determine that it has been prepared in acceptable editorial style and according to instructions provided by Cereals & Grains Association and Elsevier.

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