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Influence of Water Absorption on the Processing and Quality of Oriental Noodles

July 1999 Volume 76 Number 4
Pages 566 — 572
D. W. Hatcher , 1 , 2 J. E. Kruger , 1 and M. J. Anderson 1

Paper 784 of the Grain Research Laboratory, Canadian Grain Commission, 1404-303 Main St. Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 3G8 Corresponding author. E-mail: dhatcher@cgc.ca

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Accepted April 24, 1999.

The influence of four water absorption levels at 28–34% was examined on the processing and quality attributes of alkaline and white salted noodles prepared from Canadian Western Red Spring (CWRS), Canadian Western Red Winter (CWRW), and Canadian Western Soft White Spring, (CWSWS) flours. A significant decline (>50%) in the work required to produce the noodles was observed over this absorption range for both types of noodles. Significant differences were detected at 2 hr in the alkaline noodle brightness (L*) on the basis of water absorption level between the classes. Within a class, only CWSWS differentiated L* each absorption level, while CWRS differed only at the 28% level. The L* values of the alkaline noodles decreased by 24 hr but maintained their significant differences due to absorption levels. Significant increases in alkaline noodle yellowness (b*) were observed in each class at 2 hr with increasing water absorption. Yellowness values increased over 24 hr with only minor loss in discrimination due to absorption level. Water absorption levels had only a marginal effect on alkaline noodle redness (a*) values at 2 or 24 hr. Although the cooking time within each class was significantly shortened with each increase in water absorption, minimal influence was detected in the textural attributes of cooked alkaline noodles. White salted noodle L* values were significantly higher at 28% absorption for all classes at 2 and 24 hr, but only CWSWS displayed any further influence due to absorption level. Textural characteristics, recovery, resistance to compression, and maximum cutting stress of the white salted noodles significantly declined with increasing absorption levels in all classes.

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