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Effect of Adding Exogenous Oxidative Enzymes on the Activity of Three Endogenous Oxidoreductases During Mixing of Wheat Flour Dough

March 1999 Volume 76 Number 2
Pages 213 — 218
Lalatiana Rakotozafy , 1 Bozena Mackova , 1 Jean-François Delcros , 1 Aline Boussard , 1 Sylvie Davidou , 1 Jacques Potus , 1 and Jacques Nicolas 1 , 2

Chaire de Biochimie Industrielle et Agro-alimentaire, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, 292 Rue Saint-Martin, 75141 Paris Cedex, France. Corresponding author. E-mail: nicolasj@cnam.fr

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Accepted December 11, 1998.

The behavior of different exogenous enzymes (soybean lipoxygenase [SLOX], horseradish peroxidase [HPOD], catalase from bovine liver [BCAT], and glucose oxidase [GOX] from Aspergillus niger) added to dough was studied during mixing. The effect of adding these exogenous oxidoreductases on the activity of three oxidative enzymes present in wheat flour (lipoxygenase [WLOX], peroxidase [WPOD], and catalase [WCAT]) was examined. Proper assay conditions were established to differentiate between added WLOX, WPOD, and WCAT and the corresponding activities present in wheat flour. For doughs with added SLOX, an immediate loss of extractable SLOX (≈40%) was observed which remained constant during further mixing. When compared with the control dough, addition of SLOX decreased the losses in WLOX and WCAT activities, whereas WPOD activity was unaffected. With doughs supplemented by HPOD, an immediate loss of 20% in the HPOD activity was observed which did not change after 20 min of mixing. Compared with control dough, addition of HPOD did not affect the behavior of WLOX and WPOD, whereas a slight decrease in the WCAT losses was observed. Addition of BCAT to the dough did not change the behavior of WLOX and WPOD, whereas the losses in WCAT were less rapid. Half of the extractable activity of BCAT was lost at the beginning of mixing with no change during further mixing. For doughs supplemented with GOX, 25% of the GOX activity was lost in the first 5 min of mixing and an additional loss of 20% was observed after 20 min of mixing. Compared with dough without GOX, addition of GOX decreased the losses in WLOX, whereas losses in WCAT and WPOD increased. Glucose and ferulic acid were also added to doughs supplemented with GOX. Added glucose decreased the losses in GOX and WLOX and did not change the behavior of WPOD and WCAT during mixing. Addition of ferulic acid promoted a slight increase of the losses in WLOX and WCAT and almost no change for GOX and WPOD.

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