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Effect of Corn Moisture on the Properties of Pet Food Extrudates1

November 1999 Volume 76 Number 6
Pages 953 — 956
J. M. Mathew , 2 , 3 R. C. Hoseney , 2 , 4 and J. M. Faubion 2 , 5

Contribution No. 98-336-J from the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station. Graduate research assistant and professors, respectively, Department of Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University, Shellenberger Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506. Present address: Frito Lay, Inc., Dallas, TX. Corresponding author: Ee-mail r_and_r@kansas.net Present address: R&R Research Services, Manhattan, KS 6650. Present address: AACC, St. Paul, MN 55121.

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Accepted August 27, 1999.

Corn moisture (9.5–13.5%) was significantly correlated to extrudate properties, even though water was added at the extruder to compensate for the differences in moisture. Water addition was more effective at the preconditioner than at the extruder, and longer retention preconditioner improved expansion. Water added to the pet food formula apparently was absorbed by the other formula ingredients and not the corn. Controlling the specific mechanical energy did not compensate for differences in corn moisture.

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