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Comprehensive New Barley Book Closes Gaps in Knowledge
for Food and Crop Scientists

St. Paul, Minn. (February 2014)--Scientists are finding ever more complex connections between the genetic and molecular properties of grains, their physiology, and the impact of processing on human nutrition and product attributes.

This cross-disciplinary research brings together food scientists, crop scientists and nutrition professionals more than ever. There is a strong need for a comprehensive reference allowing breeders, agronomists, processors, food scientists, and nutritionists to see not only the latest research from their own disciplines, but related ones as well.

Enter Barley: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition, the latest book in AACC International’s highly regarded monograph series covering various grains, including wheat, corn, rice, and many other grain crops.

This new reference covers the massive increase in barley knowledge and is an important resource for anyone who must understand the development, structure, composition, and end use properties of the barley grain for cultivation, trade, and utilization. Breeders, agronomists, food scientists, grain industry professionals, and nutritionists will particularly find it useful.

This completely revised and updated book covers…

    • Barley’s latest applications in milling, breeding, and production for food, feed, malting, brewing, distilling, and biofuels.
    • Completely updated knowledge of barley’s many components, from the genetic and molecular level to its many constituents, such as proteins, carbohydrates, arabinoxylans, minerals, lipids, terpenoids, phenolics, and vitamins—and bioactive effects.
    • Updated chapters on barley’s plant and grain development from both the physiological and genetic perspectives.
    • The latest information on barley’s health benefits.
Barley: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition’s editors, Peter R. Shewry and Steven E. Ullrich, bring together a wide range of international barley authorities to create this truly unique, encyclopedic reference. Users of this and other books in the popular AACCI monograph series will find Barley: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition a worthy addition to their collections.

Barley: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition is for $299. To order this book, go to http://www.aaccnet.org/store, or call toll-free 1.800.328.7560 USA/Canada or +1.651.454.7250 elsewhere.

Other books in the monograph series are also currently on sale for 15% off through March 31st. Those titles include Wheat: Chemistry and Technology, Fourth Edition; Durum Wheat Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition; Oats: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition; Corn: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition; Rice Chemistry and Technology, Third Edition; Sorghum and Millets: Chemistry and Technology; and Rye: Production, Chemistry, and Technology, Second Edition.

Book Specifications and Data

©2014; 8.5” × 11” hardcover; 336 pages; 63 color images; 54 black and white images; 69 tables; 3 pounds;
ISBN 978-1-891127-79-3

This book is published by AACC International (AACCI) and may be purchased for $299 plus S&H from AACCI PRESS.

Review copies of Barley: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition are available. If you are interested in reviewing this book in your publication and can forward a copy of the published review within six months of receiving the book, please send your request with details of your publication to Dawn Wuest.

NOTE: Digital artwork of the book’s cover is available by contacting Dawn Wuest using the contact information provided. Please specify if the artwork will be used for print or electronic media.