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 Press Releases

AACC International Rebrands Itself As “Cereals & Grains Association”
Cereals & Grains Association is the new name of the 103-year-old professional association formerly known as AACC International.
Cereals & Grains Association Announces New Board of Directors Officers
The announcement was made at the association’s annual meeting, Cereals & Grains 19, in Denver, Colorado.

Bettge: Low Falling Numbers Impact Pacific Northwest Wheat Growers
Falling Numbers standard does not account for several environmental, genetic, instrumental, and variety-specific variations. <br>
Guilfoyle: SPC and PC Provide a Foundation for Analytic Success
Little-recognized analytical methods offer more benefits with fewer drawbacks
Cereal Foods World: Is a Technical Definition for Artisan Bread Possible?
“The question is how do we define the space that we’re in from a technical, rather than a philosophical, point of view. ...Because I’m a scientist, I wanted to find evidence.”

AACCI Announces New Edition of Its Popular Wheat Flour Handbook
This book explores a range of perspectives important to the food industry, such as wheat crops, milling, the composition of commercial flour, nutrition, wheat and flour testing.
Comments on Dietary Fiber
AACCI Responds to New FDA Guidelines
AACCI and Wiley Confirm New Publishing Partnership
John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE: JWa and JWb), Hoboken, NJ [August 11, 2017] is delighted to announce its selection by the AACC International (AACCI) as publishing partner for its prestigious scholarly journal Cereal Chemistry.
Chemical Leavening Basics
This book is an easy-to-use reference that will help readers understand chemical leavening, its components and uses, assessments in products, and methods for testing.

New Report Examines North American Approach to DON Occurrence, Regulation, and Management in Grains
AACCI Unveils Scientific Symposia Sessions for Centennial Meeting
Cereal Grain Scientists Invited to Attend AACC International Centennial Meeting
Registration now open for the AACC International Centennial Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 18-21, 2015&nbsp;
Wheat has Barely Changed in More Than 100 Years
New Editor-in-Chief of Cereal Chemistry
Dr. Les Copeland to Become New Editor-in-Chief of Cereal Chemistry
Enhanced ISO 22000 Guide Translates Food Safety Management Standards for Grain Handlers, Processors
10/26/2015 - This new custom guide was developed by AACC International, the premier association of cereal and grain science professionals and includes licensed content from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
New Book Delves into Science and Technology Behind “the World’s New Bread”
11/3/2015 - This book answers the food industry and consumer’s needs for high-quality tortillas and tortilla-based products.

Comprehensive New Barley Book Closes Gaps in Knowledge
2/1/14 - This book is a source of information for scientists, students and others who need to understand the development, structure, composition, or end use properties of barley grains related to their cultivation, trade, and utilization.
AACC International Publishes Practical Guide to Gluten-Free Baked Products
5/1/2014 - This hands-on book gives readers an entry-level understanding of gluten-free product requirements, their development and production, and the breadth of ingredients available to ensure they are safe for the consumer.
New Book Helps Readers Unlock the Potential of Rye in Processed Foods
12/1/2014 - This important new book helps both nutritionists and food manufacturers understand the very latest findings on the composition of rye and its physiological and health effects.

AACCI Whole Grains Working Group Unveils New Whole Grain Products Characterizations
5/21/13—AACCI Board of Directors recently approved the Whole Grains Working Group’s characterization of whole grain products. The characterization asserts that a whole grain food product must contain 8 grams or more of whole grain per 30 grams of product.
Whole Grain Summit Research Now Available Online
10/15/13—Grains for Health Foundation (GHF) and AACC International (AACCI) have partnered to deliver full-length abstracts of the 2012 Whole Grain Summit online with unlimited access to the public.
Cereal Grain Scientists Shared Latest Research at 2013 AACC International Meeting
10/24/13—Cereal grain scientists from around the world met in Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 29–October 2, 2013, for the AACC International (AACCI) Annual Meeting.

AACCI Announces New Website
AACCI Signs Letter To President Obama
AACC International Responds to Consumer Reports Study on Arsenic in Rice
AACC International Publishes Science-Based Response to Wheat Belly
New Board to Oversee Innovations
2012 AACCI Awardees
2012 AACCI Annual Meeting
Citing its mandate to continue the initiatives started in 2012, members of the AACC International (AACCI) 2012–2013 Board of Directors were officially installed at the association’s annual meeting, held September 30–October 3, 2012, in Hollywood, Florida.

AACC Intl. Announces New Board Members for 2010-2011
AACC International Presents 2010 Awards in Savannah
Timely Book Covers Methods for Bioactive Components in Small Grains
AACC Intl. Approves and Publishes New Total Dietary Fiber Method that Simplifies TDF Analysis
New Approved Method on Quantification of MON 810 Corn in Corn Flour

Gluten-Free Foods Take Top Prizes at 2009 AACC International Product Development Competition
AACC Intl. Installs New Board Members for 2009-2010
AACC International Announces Awardees of the 2009 Best Student Research Paper Competition
AACC International Honors Members for Advancing the Field of Grain Science
New Book on Gluten-Free Food Provides Update for Product Developers Who Design Foods for People with Celiac Disease
New Book Helps Food Scientists Meet Consumer Needs
New Dietary Fiber Book Focuses on Health and Energy Value
First Major Revision of Wheat Monograph in 21 Years
New Book Matches Stored-Product Insects with Crop Commodities They Impact
Grain Science Experts to Present New Findings in Baltimore

AACC International Students Win With Healthy and Innovative Foods
AACC International Honors Jan A. Delcour with Geddes Award
AACC International Installs New Board Members for 2009
AACC International Members Honored in the Field of Grain Science
58th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference: Same Meeting, New Organizers
New handbook explains the value of the AlveoConsistograph to optimize processing and quality of wheat-based products
AACC International Elects New Officers

2016 AACCI Awardees
Congratulations to all awardees who have received an award at the 2016 AACCI Annual Meeting!
2017 AACCI Awardees