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CFW Mar-Apr Press Release - Ross
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“The question is how do we define the space that we’re in from a technical, rather than a philosophical, point of view. ...Because I’m a scientist, I wanted to find evidence.”
—Andrew Ross, Oregon State University
Artisan Bread
As the market and demand for artisan breads grow, so does the debate over what can be considered “artisan.” Is it possible to develop a technical, chemical definition for artisan breads? Such a definition could be based on lean formulations, long fermentations, and adapting to changing flour properties using process rather than ingredients, according to Ross’s article published in the AACC International journal Cereal Foods World ®, Vol. 63, Number 2, titled “Flour Quality and Artisan Bread.” Ross conducted interviews, reviewed data, and considered evolving trends in flour types, fermentation times, processes, and more.
Ross’s article appears in Cereal Foods World 's Baked Products issue. The issue includes a variety of perspectives that explore the artisan bread trend throughout the value chain. 
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Food industry professionals rely on Cereal Foods World to bring them the most current industry and product information. Contributors are industry professionals with hands-on experience in science and technology related to grains. Cereal Foods World includes articles that focus on food chemistry, nutrition, processing, regulatory, product development and applications, quality assurance, analytical procedures, food safety, and other technical areas.
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AACC International is a global, nonprofit association of nearly 2,500 scientists and food industry professionals working to advance the understanding and knowledge of cereal grain science and its product development applications through research, leadership, education, superior technical service, and advocacy.

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