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Cereal Grain Scientists Invited to Attend AACC International
Centennial Meeting


Registration now open for the AACC International Centennial Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 18-21, 2015 

St. Paul, Minn. (May 11, 2015) — Cereal grain scientists from around the world will meet in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 18-21, 2015, to celebrate 100 years of cereal science innovation at the AACC International Centennial Meeting. The meeting will offer innovative and educational exploration of a variety of topics affecting the future of the cereal grain industry.

The meeting is expected to attract nearly 1,000 of the industry’s top scientists who will share the latest information on cereal grain science during symposia and scientific sessions, workshops, poster presentations, and more.

The meeting will focus on the following scientific initiatives:

·         Biotechnology & Sustainability: conventional breeding, genetic modification, interaction effects of environment on gene expression, global climate change, reducing energy consumption, social/political/financial impacts

·         Chemistry & Interactions: fundamental whole cereal, starch, and protein chemistry, related polymer science approaches, chemical interactions of component parts

·         Engineering & Processing: physical processing of grains, pulses, and food products, fuels, industrial chemicals, and other in-process materials, more efficient engineering processes and equipment

·         Food Safety & Regulatory: microbes, contaminants, hazards, regulatory issues, legal challenges

·         Health & Nutritional: health and nutrition of cereal and pulses, social impact of health and nutrition initiatives, medical reports

·         Ingredients & Innovations: raw materials, new discoveries of novel ingredients, applications of ingredients, reduce ingredient costs

·         Quality & Analytical Methods: analytical methods development and changes, measuring quality of grain, ingredients, or finished foods, rheology

·         Emerging Topics: whole grain, gluten, gluten-free, ancient grains

Scientific Sessions presented by some of the industry’s top scientists will include:

·         Gluten in Cereal-Based Foods – Benefits and Risks

·         Innovating with the Climate-Friendly Ancient Grains

·         Nutrition for the Future: Filling the Protein Gaps From Cereal and Legume Proteins

·         Sustainability, Genetics, and Future Cultivars—Impact on the Food Chain

·         Sprouted Grains: Paving the Way to Nutritious and Safe Products

·         The Future of Oats and Barley in Processing and Health

·         Little Beans, Big Opportunities: The Farm to Market Story of Dry Bean Ingredients

·         Emerging Technologies and Applications to Cereals, Grains and Flours: The Next 100 Years…..

·         Establishing Dietary Reference Intakes for Bioactives: Cereal Grains Focus

Complete meeting and registration details can be found online at aaccnet.org/meet. Members of the media will receive complimentary registration to the AACCI Centennial Meeting.

AACCI is a global, nonprofit association of nearly 2,500 scientists and food industry professionals working to advance the understanding and knowledge of cereal grain science and its product development applications through research, leadership, education, superior technical service, and advocacy.