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Whole Grain Summit Research Now Available Free Online

St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. (October 15, 2013) — Grains for Health Foundation (GHF) and AACC International (AACCI) have partnered to deliver full-length abstracts of the 2012 Whole Grain Summit online with unlimited access to the public.

The summit, an event that convened scientists with business and health professionals from around the world, examined the status of whole grains, dietary fiber, and functional grain components in an effort to bring together the relevant sectors and disciplines focused on grain-based foods not only from a science and technology perspective, but also from business, marketing, and regulatory perspectives.

GHF President Len Marquart said of the summit, "During the summit, we were successful in sharing ideas across various sectors and disciplines. Now our aim is to share the whole grain findings free of charge—not just to summit attendees—but to any food scientist, nutritionist, policymaker, public health official, or industry person charged with developing foods made with whole grain."

AACCI President and GHF Foundation Board Member, Jan Delcour, stated, "We are proud to partner with Grains For Health Foundation on this important body of work—we hope the information contained in the findings will add value to the conversations being held today within academia and industry regarding how best to meet consumer needs, as well as regarding best practices for educating the public about the benefits of grain-based foods."

The summit findings were published by AACC International and include over 25 abstracts by renowned presenters in the field. Topics covered in the findings include: nutritional studies; dietary considerations; production and consumer trends; definitions, messaging, and labeling; changing consumer behavior; product development; economic factors; and nutrition and health education. The content will also be marketed to key government officials, food and nutrition scientists, and engineers in academia and industry as well as advocates for public health.

The content is available online through AACC International’s CFW Plexus, a multimedia resource that has the capability to offer information through a variety of formats. The decision to publish the findings electronically rather than in hard copy allows for easier distribution of the material and provides the capability to add supplemental information as needed. Conference proceedings are typically exclusive to members attending such events, but because the goal of the event was to increase accessibility of grain-based foods in the supply chain for consumers, the organizers, GHF, have teamed up with AACCI, an association of professionals working in the cereal areas, to publish them.

To view the 2012 Whole Grain Summit Proceedings, please visit the AACCI website.