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AACC International Rebrands Itself As “Cereals & Grains Association”

St. Paul, Minn., U.S.—Cereals & Grains Association is the new name of the 103-year-old professional association formerly known as AACC International. A new logo and new colors accompany the rebrand, officially launched September 16, 2019.

Originally founded as the American Association for Cereal Chemists, the association has expanded to include broader membership profiles beyond cereal chemists. The science-focused community is now made up of product developers, breeders, food scientists, salespeople, nutritionists, engineers, quality managers, and others. “Today, our members hold a variety of positions within the cereals and grains community,” says Maureen Olewnik, current president of the association.

The association will continue to publish peer-reviewed research journal Cereal Chemistry and member publication Cereal Foods World. Due to their long-standing importance and integration in trade and regulatory affairs, both of the association's core products—AACC Approved Methods of Analysis and AACC Laboratory Proficiency Program—will retain the AACC within their official names. The Laboratory Proficiency Program remains strongly linked with the AACC Approved Methods of Analysis.

About Cereals & Grains Association
The Cereals & Grains Association is the trusted authority for professionals in the global cereals and grains community. Working to foster food evolution, the association boasts a membership of more than 1,400 scientists and food industry professionals. This approachable and integrated network of technical experts has a long history of fostering scientific excellence and innovative technologies. Cereals & Grains Association is a nonprofit organization that provides vetted and unbiased scientific information on cereals and grains-related topics.