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Excellence In Teaching

2020 Awardee

Luis A. Bello-Perez

National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico

Dr. Luis Bello-Perez is a Biochemical Engineer, with a M. Sc. in Bioengineering and a Ph.D. in Food Biotechnology. Currently, he is a Professor at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico. His field of expertise is food carbohydrates with emphasis in starch and dietary fiber. He has extensive practical experience working with the development of new products based on cereal grains and starches. He has been conducting basic and applied research for over 30 years in Mexico, France, England, and the USA (Illinois and Purdue Universities).

He has taught basic courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels and has advised 30 BSc, 44 MSc and 22 Ph.D. thesis. Many of his former students are contributing to the Mexican society in terms of teaching, research and as key professionals for cereal-related industries.

He has published 360 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and own 3 patents.


The Excellence in Teaching Award is presented to a Cereals & Grains Association member and current teacher who have made significant contributions through teaching in the broad field of cereal science and technology. Membership in Cereals & Grains Association is required.

Nomination Process

Submit nominations using the online form found on the awards page. The nomination process is open from November-January.  

Completed nomination packets should include:

  • Indication of the award for which the nominee is being nominated
  • A cover letter addressed to Cereals & Grains Association headquarters describing why the nominee is worthy of consideration for the stated award
  • At least two and not more than five supporting letters
  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications
  • Nominations should address the activities most relevant to the award, with a clear statement of the impact the nominee has had in his/her specific area of expertise.

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