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​Fellow Criteria

The Cereals & Grains Association Board of Directors established a Fellows Program in 1985 to honor association members who have made distinguished contributions to the field of cereal science and technology in research, industrial achievement, leadership, education, administration, communication, or regulatory affairs. Anyone who has been an Cereals & Grains Association member for at least ten years and made such a contribution is eligible. Nominees must be current Cereals & Grains Ass​ociation members.

Recipients of the Phil Williams Applied Research Award and the Thomas Burr Osborne Medal are also accorded Fellow status.

How to Nominate

​Nominations for the 2023 award are open through ​ January 31, 2023.​

Completed nomination packets will include:

  • A cover letter addressed to Cereals & Grains Association headquarters describing why the nominee is worthy of consideration for the stated award
  • At least two and not more than five supporting letters
  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications
  • Nominations should address the activities most relevant to the award, with a clear statement of the impact the nominee has had in their specific area of expertise. ​


 1986 Karel Kulp
Karl Norris
William Yamazaki
1999 Jean-Claude Autran
Sandy MacGregor
Warren Schwecke
2012 Barbara Heidolph
Jay-lin Jane
 1987 Robert Matsuo
J.G. Ponte, Jr.
Gerald Reed
2000 George Lookhart
Peter Shewry
Frank Sosulski
Philip C. Williams
2013 Geoff Fincher*
Julie Jones
Pamela White
1988 Maura Bean
Bienvenido Juliano
Paul Mattern
Hiroshi Matsumoto
2001 Okkyung K. Chung
Pierre Feillet
Robert Hamer

Clodualdo "Ody" Maningat
Terry Nelsen
Terry Siebenmorgen*

1989 James Conn
Darrell Medcalf
Joseph Wall
2002 M. Rella Dwyer
Helmut Glattes
Charles E. Walker

Jonathan W. DeVries
Peter Koehler
Per B.J. Åman*

1990 Elwood Caldwell
Edith Christensen
2003 Olin Anderson
Robert Cracknell
Barry McCleary
Mark Stearns

Charles Hurburgh
Yong-Cheng Shi*

1991 R. Carl Hoseney
Roland Morck
Bill Webb
2004 Charles Gaines
Ken Preston
Bruce Stone
2017 Elsayed Abdelaal
1992 Rattan Bhatty
Gordon Rubenthaler
Colin Wrigley
2005 George Inglett
Craig Morris


Kristof Brijs

Marta Izydorczyk


1993 Simon Jackel
Donald Kasarda
Lloyd Rooney
2006 Ravindra Chibbar
Domenico Lafiandra

Mike Gidley
Narpinder Singh

1994 Klaus Lorenz
William Morrison
2007 Tony Blakeney
James Dexter
Herbert Wieser*
Phil Williams*

Jae-Bom Ohm

1995 Antoinette Betschart
Bert D' Appolonia
Peter Ranum
Keith Tipples
2008 Harry Levine*
David Lineback
Louise Slade*
John R.N. Taylor
Michael Tilley​

Flloyd Huebner
Peter Payne
Gur Ranhotra
Peter Wood


Jan Delcour*
Larry Johnson
Barry McCleary*

​Weining Huang
1997 Jerold Bietz
Seeichi Nagao
2010 Perry Ng
David Wetzel
Larry Johnson*

1998 Finlay MacRitchie
Vladimir Rasper
Paul Seib
Henry Zobel
2011 Hamed Faridi
Gary Fulcher
Matthew Morell*

 *Thomas Burr ​Osborne or Phil Williams Applied Research Award Recipient​