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William F. Geddes Memorial Award

The William F. Geddes Memorial Award was created in 1961 to honor the zeal and unselfish industry of an individual member and to emphasize the importance of his or her contributions to the work of the society. The individual after whom the award is named served the association long and unselfishly as president (1938–1939), vice-president (1937–1938), editor-in-chief (1943–1961), active member, and committee member. Over the long span of his own association with Cereals & Grains Association, Geddes influenced the organization in many ways, contributing to its work and progress, increasing its usefulness to its members, and boosting its reputation in the fields of fundamental and applied cereal science. The name of the recipient is kept secret until the moment of the presentation at the annual meeting. Selection of the awardee is determined by the Cereals & Grains Association Board of Directors.

Previous Recipients​

1961 Clinton L. Brooke 1962 D. B. Pratt, Jr.
1963 Kenton L. Harris 1964 James M. Doty
1965 Frank R. Schwain 1966 John A. Johnson
1967 Paul E. Ramstad 1968 Edith A. Christensen
1969 Welker G. Bechtel 1970 Daniel G. McPherson
1971 Francis E. Horan 1972 George W. Schiller
1973 Ralph H. Durr 1974 Byron S. Miller
1975 Raymond J. Tarleton 1976 Kenneth A. Gilles
1977 Wilbur C. Schaefer 1978 G. Norman Irvine
1979 John H. Nelson 1980 Norman L. Betz
1981 Lawrence F. Marnett 1982 Y. Pomeranz
1983 George K. Minor 1984 Maura M. Bean
1985 Donald K. Dubois 1986 William C. Mailhot
1987 James W. Doty 1988 Okkyung K. Chung
1989 Warren M. Schwecke 1990 Seiichi Nagao
1991 Keith Tipples 1992 Darrel G. Medcalf
1993 Charles A. Becker 1994 R. Carl Hoseney
1995 Jerold Bietz 1996 Elwood Caldwell
1997 Walter Bushuk 1998 David Lineback
1999 William Atwell 2000 Vladimir Rasper
2001 Antoinette Betschart 2002 Eugene Wisakowsky
2003 Frederick Hegele 2004 Julie Miller Jones
2005 Robert Cracknell 2006 Elizabeth Knight
2007 David Hahn 2008 Jan Delcour
2009 Peter J. Wood 2010 Barbara B. Heidolph
2011 James Dexter 2012 Maureen Olewnik
2013 Steven C. Nelson 2014 Laura Hansen
2015 Debi Rogers 2016  R. Don Sullins
2017 Art Bettge 2018 Jon Faubion
2019 Jennifer Robinson