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Phil Williams Applied Research Award


Established in 2005, the Phil Williams Applied Research Award is presented for a significant body of distinguished contributions to the application of science in the cereals area.


Applicants will be judged on the development of novel machinery, processes, products, patents, tests, methodologies, procedures, etc., taking advantage of the wealth of accumulated knowledge from basic research as available in the literature together with basic/applied research performed by the applicant in developing the product/patent. The methodologies, applications, products, and processes must have a clear and sustained record of adoption and/or commercialization and must have contributed positively to the development of science and knowledge of relevance to the cereal/food industry.

Cereals & Grains Association membership is required.

Recipients of the Phil Williams Applied Research Award are accorded the status of Cereals & Grains Association Fellow for their contributions leading to this award. Awardees will have the opportunity to present a lecture during an annual meeting of the association.

Nomination Process

Submit nominations using the online nomination form​. This award is presented every other year with the Thomas Burr Osborne Medal. The online nomination form is available from November-January 31 in even years.​

Completed nomination packets should include:

  • A cover letter addressed to Cereals & Grains Association headquarters describing why the nominee is worthy of consideration for the stated award
  • At least two and not more than five supporting letters
  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications
  • Nominations should address the activities most relevant to the award, with a clear statement of the impact the nominee has had in his/her specific area of expertise.

​Award Winners 

2007 Phil Williams
2008 Harry Levine and Louise Slade
2009 Barry McCleary
2010 Larry Johnson
2011 Matthew Morell
2014 Terry Siebenmorgen
2016 Yong-Cheng Shi
2018 Vijay Singh​