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Young Scientist Research Award


The Young Scientist Research Award is presented to an individual for outstanding contributions in basic and applied research to cereal science with the expectation that contributions will continue. This award recognizes research relevant to the broad aims and interests of Cereals & Grains Association. The research can be either basic (such as improved understanding of structure-function relationships) or applied (such as development of new products, processes, techniques, etc.) and nominees may be from government, academia, or industry. Evidence of accomplishments can include awards, publications, and invitations to lecture, patents, and commercialized foods, processes, and/or testing procedures. The research will be evaluated based on impact on advancing cereal science knowledge or improved production or utilization.

Nominees must be a current Cereals & Grains Association member and be no older than 40 years by June 1 of the year the award is sought. Nominations of younger scientists are particularly encouraged and achievements will be considered in relation to the age and experience of the nominee. 

How to Nominate

Nom​inations are closed.

Nomination packets should include the following:

  • A cover letter addressed to Cereals & Grains Association headquarters describing why the nominee is worthy of consideration for the stated award
  • At least two and not more than five supporting letters
  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications
  • Nominations should address the activities most relevant to the award, with a clear statement of the impact the nominee has had in their specific area of expertise.​

Previous Awardees​

2007 Vijay Singh 2008 Christophe Courtin
2009 Mirko Bunzel 2010 Sajid Alavi
2011 Jinsong Bao 2012 Girish Ganjyal
2013 Senay Simsek 2014 Devin Rose
2015 Laura Nyström 2016 Mario Jekle
2017 Andreia Bianchini 2018 Katharina Scherf
2019 Filiz Koksel 2020 Mario M. Martinez
​Stephen Lindemann