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Pulses Division​

​About the Division

The Pulses Division provides a forum for scientists, engineers and technologists interested in all dried legumes including dried peas, beans, chickpeas, and lentils. One of the main aims of the present Division is the understanding of pulses properties and the promotion of the utilization of pulses containing products. 

Areas of interest include sustainability, innovation within pulses ingredients and products (including awareness of precompetitive research), their nutritive and biological properties and their application in the development of health beneficial ingredients and foods, and alignment strategy ensuring development of appropriate testing methodologies. The aim of the Division will be implemented through organizing sessions at meetings, networking and encouragement of students by awards.

Additionally, division members may desire to take advantage of Cereals & Grains Association services such as the Laboratory Proficiency Rating ​Program and AACC Intl. Approved Methods of Analysis

Officer Listi​ng​

​​​​Interested in Joining the Pulses Division? 

For more information about joining the Division, please email info@cerealsgrains.org