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Terms of Use and FAQs

Electronic Institutional Subscription Access to Cereal Foods World (CFW)​ and Cereals & Grains Books

As of the 2018 subscription year, Cereal Chemistry ​Subscription Licenses are handled directly t​hrough Wiley.
Published by Cereals & Grains Association, a non-profit scientific association since 1915


Institutional access to publications in the Grain Science Online Library requires no formal license agreement. Simply adhere to the "Terms of Use" upon activation of your institution's paid subscription. Electronic Subscriptions are available to academic libraries, corporate libraries, and other institutions. Electronic institutional subscriptions include the following benefits:

  • Access through IP authentication—permission to freely distribute the content of the subscribed electronic journal to all employees, faculty, students, and/or local patrons of the subscribing institution who are located at the Cereals & Grains Association approved site(s) as identified by the subscribing institution and whose computers are within the I.P. addresses at those Cereals & Grains Association approved sites designated at the time the subscription is granted.
  • Inter-Library Loan from the electronic copy is permitted if printed from the electronic copy and delivered as paper print-out - not supplied via electronic copy
  • ​Libraries who have purchased access to all back content will have access continuously going forward. Cereals & Grains Association intends to continue to sustain this valuable content indefinitely. CFW​’s back-issue content represents 14 volume years and approximately 5,000 pages of peer-reviewed applied grain science research, unavailable anywhere else.

This copyright statement is affixed to all Cereals & Grains Association publications. Permission to distribute according to these terms of use applies to current paid electronic subscribers.

© Copyright Cereals & Grains Association. All rights reserved.

Permission is hereby granted to distribute the content of subscribed Grain Science Online Library resources to the employees, faculty, students, and/or local patrons of the subscribing institution via I.P. access during the subscription year. The employees, faculty, students, and/or local patrons must be located within the location(s) and I.P. address ranges as identified by the subscribing institution to Cereal & Grains Association.


The questions and answers below have been compiled to further explain Cereals & Grains Association's position on its institutional electronic subscriptions.

Q: How do the employees or students at an institution gain access to content in the Cereals & Grains Association Online Publications Library on a daily basis?
A: Via I.P. address recognition, so that your users do not need to login. Access is quick, easy, and seamless.

Q: What if the institution has more than one campus or location?
A: Cereals & Grains Association asks each institution to identify the campuses and locations served by the I.P. ranges it provides access to when first subscribing.

Q: May employees, faculty, and students gain access to subscribed online content when they travel to other locations or from their homes, dorm rooms, etc. by remote personal login to their institution’s internal network?
A: Yes, but only if they work, teach, or attend the institution in the location(s) served by the I.P. ranges where the electronic access is subscribed. Experiment station employees and employees at other satellite facilities that are not physically on the same campus must be identified by the institution at the time the institution subscribes to be included as qualified users, even if the users of the subscribing institution share time at both sites.

Q: What happens if an institution subsequently drops its Cereals & Grains Association online books subscription?
A: The institution would lose access to the content.

Q: How does my institution maintain access to Cereal Foods World?
A: Institutions may purchase access to all CFW back content with a single purchase.

Q: Are institutional users permitted to make copies of Cereals & Grains Association ​​materials for distribution outside the institution’s own employees, faculty, students, and/or local library patrons where the journal is subscribed?
A: No

Q: What about interlibrary loan?
A: Subscribing institutions may supply interlibrary loan to the extent that they do normally with a print journal. Rather than supplying electronic files, the loaning institution may only supply printouts.

Q: Will licenses or signed agreements be required in the future?
A: Cereals & Grains Association reserves the right to require licenses or signed agreements in the future.

Q: Why did Cereals & Grains Association take this unprecedented approach of providing electronic access without a signed agreement?
A: Cereals and Grains Association believes scholarly materials should be available within institutions with as little restriction as possible; provided its journals and books maintain their financial integrity. Cereals & Grains Association also believes that authors, readers, institutions, and journals within the scholarly community have a common purpose. Because of this, Cereals & Grains Association hopes all members of the community will act appropriately to ensure the ongoing simplicity of this system of access.