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Techniques to produce enriched bioactive components in cereals (wheat) with outlook on fermentation to improve bioavailability.

(1) Buhler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland
Cereal Foods World 56:A9

Most of the bioactive components are located in the outer layers of the wheat kernel, more specifically in the aleurone layer but also in the wheat germ. Innovative processing techniques have been developed to isolate the most promising fraction, the wheat aleurone layer in high purity with a high amount of arabinoxylans and bioactive components like ferulic acid, betaine, and folate from the outer layer of the wheat kernel. The fractions have been applied in food products and in vitro as in vivo studies were carried out with the aim to examine the physiological effect. The bioavailability of the bioactive components in the grain fractions of the outer layers can be increased by specific fermentation processes.
2011 AACCI Optimizing Processing to Preserve, Create, or Enrich Bioactivity of Cereal Components
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