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The Program

The Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program provides an essential tool for food and feed laboratories worldwide. Established in 1948, the Program enables subscribers to assess and meet their quality standards by evaluating accuracy and consistency of laboratory results. It offers check samples of current interest, proficiency rating reports and awards.

Participation in a proficiency rating program is a key quality requirement for testing laboratories at all stages of the food supply chain. This program can be used to ensure the accuracy of labeling information, verify laboratory equipment operation and monitor the use of correct analytical techniques by laboratory personnel. It can also be used to identify opportunities to improve laboratory quality and to monitor the reliability of contract laboratories.

We offer a variety of check samples pertaining to analyses of current interests that enable laboratories to:

  • Verify Laboratory Equipment Operation
  • Monitor the Use of Correct Analytical Techniques by Laboratory Personnel
  • Verify the Reliability of Contract Laboratories
  • Ensure the Accuracy of Labeling Information
  • Identify Opportunities to Improve Laboratory Quality

We offer various check samples to meet diverse laboratory needs including an analytical series, physical testing series, and food quality & safety series. A description of the check samples offered within each of these series can be found here. Pricing subject to change without notice.

As a subscriber to the Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program, your laboratory will receive:

  • Check Samples per your Series Subscription Schedule
  • Confidential Results

Your Laboratory Proficiency Program Schedule will include the following information:

  • Sample Mailing Dates For Each Specific Series You are Subscribed To
  • Due Dates For Reporting Results
  • Result Availability Dates
  • Frequency of the Check Sample (Monthly, Bimonthly, or Quarterly)
  • Coding Information for the Specific Sample Sent, Applicable to the Time Period

The overall Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program Schedule is also available to determine important dates in chronological order

Special Discounted Prices on the Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program are one of the many benefits available to Cereals & Grains Association Corporate Members. For more information on the Corporate Membership, please click here.