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2013 Closing Session

“When Generations Connect” featuring Keynote Speaker Hannah Ubl, from Bridgeworks and AACCI Historical Happy Hour with Eric Bertoft, David Lineback, and Don Sullins

Wednesday, October 3
4:15 – 6:00 p.m.

This jam-packed closing session takes us on a generational trip through time, beginning with a look at the four generations that currently make up our work environment to a historical look at the generations that set the foundation for the AACC International we are part of today. This session will also include the following award presentations—Texture Technologies Quality Research Best Presentation Award for 2013, Best Student Research Paper Competition, Student Product Development Competition, and the Cecil F. Pinney Travel Award.

“When Generations Connect”—Hannah Ubl, Associate, BridgeWorks, LLC

BridgeWorks, LLC wrote When Generations Collide: Who They Are. Why They Clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work and The M-Factor

Four generations are vying for a place at the conference table and every day roles are being rewritten and rules are all over the map. Millennials are flooding the workplace at an ever-increasing rate, Xers have paid their dues and are looking to climb the corporate ladder, but the average Boomer has no plan to retire any time soon. How do you reconcile this fact across generational lines, and simultaneously foster collaboration and understanding among these very different cohorts? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran managing those younger than you are, or a skilled Gen Xer managing upward, Hannah will tie in what is happening in our industry and provide practical insights that will help you…

  • Understand who the generations are and how they differ  
  • Identify Communication ClashPoints™ in your workplace
  • Manage more effectively by connecting with each generation
  • Learn how to convert generational obstacles into opportunities.


Join us for golden margaritas as we prepare for AACCI’s 100 years by honoring our first 50 years from 1915–1965 as three eminent colleagues provide their perspectives on the state and nature of science and industry during the early 20th century (1915-1964).

Eric Bertoft, Emeritus Professor, Abo University will highlight key aspects of development in science during this period and its impact on cereal science;

David Lineback, Emeritus Professor and Senior Fellow, University of Maryland will shed light on science, scientists and the nature of collaborations between different countries;

and Don Sullins, retired Vice President, ADM will highlight the state of the industry in that time period.