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Cereals & Grains Association Student Research Leadership Program

Cereals & Grains Association is focused on promoting enhanced student participation within the organization. This program is designed to provide funds to facilitate research in key areas of interest that will have an immediate impact on cereal science. 

Program Details Coming Soon!

2018 Program Awardee:

Justin Vetch
  Montana State University Bozeman

Research area: Pre-Harvest Sprouting

Sponsored by the Cereals & Grains Association Milling & Baking Division



2017 Program Awardees: 

Hadeel Waleed Alrayyes
South Dakota State University

Davide Bigagnoli
University of Milan

Project: Evaluation of Cereals & Grains Association
Method 40.40-01 for various
forms of enrichment iron

Sponsored by the Cereals & Grains Association Methods Program

Project: Develop method for
monitoring the sprouting process
for grains and seeds

Sponsored by Perten Instruments, Inc.

Rachana Poudel
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Bipin Rajpurohit
South Dakota State University

Project: Physical and chemical properties
of germinated wheat flour as influenced
by the duration of germination
and drying temperature

Sponsored by Bay State Milling

Project: Developing and correlating
benchtop flour testing and simplified
methods for dough evaluation

Sponsored by the Cereals & Grains Association Milling & Baking Division

2016 Program Awardees:

Katherine Brackebusch
Kansas State Wheat Quality Lab

Research area: Whole-wheat baking method

Nabeel Taher Tiskam Al-Zuwaid
University of New England, Armidale, Australia

Research area: Pasta cooking method