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​Rheology Division​

About the Division

The Rheology Division was formed in 1985 for members who have an interest in rheology.

Officer Lis​ting​​
Rheology Division Bylaws
Fall 2016 Rheology Division Newsletter


Missi​on of the Rheology Division

The Rheology Division provides a forum for scientists, rheologists, engineers and technologists interested in all phases of rheology, as related to cereals, flour, dough, batter, extrudates, and cereal-based finished products, to share and discuss ideas and information. Areas of interest include:

  • Fundamental and empirical testing.
  • Dough and batter behavior during mixing, fermentation, machining and baking.
  • Evaluation of product texture by instrumental or sensory techniques.
  • Other aspects of rheology.

What does the Rheology Division Do?

The division presents a symposium at the Cereals & Grains Association Annual Meeting where invited scientists speak on rheology and product texture issues.

A Rheology Short Course is offered to train interested individuals in various aspects of cereal rheology.

Various awards, grants, and a scholarship are sponsored to recognize scientists and students working in the area of rheology.

When does the Rheology Division Meet?

Meetings are held at the Annual Cereals & Grains Association meeting, at local section events and possibly at future Rheology Division meetings.

Who are the Members of the Rheology Division?

Any dues-paying member of Cereals & Grains Association who is interested in the area of cereal-based rheology and finished product texture is eligible for membership in the Rheology Division. Cereals & Grains Association professional, student, and life members are all welcome as division members.

How Do I Become a Member?

Division dues are $15 for professional members and FREE for student members per calendar year. They are collected annually along with Cereals & Grains Association membership dues.  If you are not currently a member of the division and would like to join, contact Cereals & Grains Association Headquarters here.


The Rheology Division proudly sponsors several awards to scientists and students working in the area of rheology, in order to recognize their accomplishments, subsidize their efforts and publicize the field of rheology in general.

Isydore Hlynka Best Student Paper Award

The Division selects the best rheology paper presented by a student at the Cereals & Grains Association annual meeting each year. The following year, the Isydore Hlynka Best Student Paper Award is presented to the top student at the Rheology Division Luncheon. The award consists of a plaque with a $300 honorarium, and also recognition at the meeting. As criteria for this award, the Rheology Division looks to select papers which apply rheological methods, models and/or techniques to investigate problems and provide insights within the world of cereal science. In addition to the content of the paper itself, the presentation of the paper by the student is also used as criteria to judge a winner. The presentation should include a good synopsis of the work done, a statement of the problem and rheological techniques/models used to investigate the problem, and a brief summary of the outcome and how the rheological methods used contributed to a better understanding of, or solution to the problem, or why they did not. Also, how the student handles questions that arise from the presentation or the poster is considered. In years in which no qualifying papers are submitted, the award is not given.

Past recipients:

2017: Jaya Dhungana
2016: Fang Fang
2015: Audrey Girard (tie)
         Gamze Yazar (tie)
2011 Sandra Mandato
2010 John Melnyk
2009 Bram Pareyt and Madhuvanti Kale
2008 Filip Van Bockstaele
2007 Dongjun Zhao
2002 Fencheng Wang
2001 Hussein Elmehdi
1999 Nancy Edward
1998 Karina Wehrle
1996 B. S. Khatkar
1995 Rebecca Miller
1994 Susan Heddleson
1993 Wei Zhi Chen
1992 Edward Bagley

Arie H. Bloksma Young Scientist Award

Recognizes scientists who have completed their academic training within the last five (5) years, and who have demonstrated outstanding ability in cereal-based rheology and texture related research. The award is presented in odd years.

Past recipients:

2011 Lieke van Riemsdijk
2009 Athina Lazaridou
2008 Aaron Goh
2003 Joshua Reid
2001 Weining Huang
1999 John Brent
1997 Rebecca Miller

George W. Scott Blair Lecture Award

Is presented to a scientist who has shown exceptional ability in research areas involving rheology and texture as related to cereal based products. The award is presented in even years.

Awardees receive an engraved plaque and a $500 honorarium. Awardees are encouraged to attend the Cereals & Grains Association Annual Meeting in the present or the following year to accept the award. The Division will attempt to assist the awardee with travel expenses (if necessary) to attend the meeting, but cannot guarantee that funds will be available. Nomination forms are sent out to members annually.

Past recipients:

2012 Martin Scanlon
2008 Finlay MacRitchie
2004 Bogdan Dobraszczyk
2002 Steve Mulvaney
2000 Andy Rao
1997 Ann Charlotte Eliasson
1996 Jozef Kokini
1995 Micha Peleg
1994 Bernard Launay
1993 Malcom Bourne
1992 Edward Bagley
1991 Jon Faubion
1990 Dorain Weipert
1989 Alina Szczensniak
1988 Arie H. Bloksma