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 Speed Mentoring Social takes place at the annual meeting. These quick exchanges between mentors and protégés allow participants to seek career and research guidance, hear about the experiences of others, and potentially find a long-term match.​

Mentors and protégés connect at the Speed Mentoring Event during the annual meeting.


​Suggested Activities for Protégés and Mentors

Many mentor-protégé pairs may not be located where it is convenient to interact directly. However, the Annual Meeting has a myriad of activities to establish and maintain a relationship. E-mails, connections through social media, and phone calls are all primary means of communication and should be engaged at least every couple of weeks.

What are good subjects for discussion and what are some good things to do to foster a mentoring relationship? Here are a few ideas:

  • Discuss the mentor’s career path.
  • Discuss the protégés career aspirations and how the mentor might help.
  • Serve on a committee or panel together.
  • Discuss the companies, universities and government laboratories in the food industry and the people you know that work in each.
  • Find out about research programs in the companies, universities, and government laboratories.
  • Network with other mentor-protégé pairs.
  • Evaluate new trends in grain-based products.
  • Discuss the protégé’s current activities.
  • Read CFW and Cereal Chemistry articles of interest and discuss them by phone or e-mail.
  • Collaborate on something where you have a common interest.
  • Share information on your hobbies.