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OATS: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition

Editors: Francis H. Webster, Francis Webster & Associates, Branson, Missouri, U.S.A and
Peter J. Wood, Guelph Food Research Centre, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

ISBN: 978-1-891127-64-9

Front Matter

Pages i-vii


Pages ix-xii

Chapter 1: World Oat Production, Trade, and Usage

R. Strychar
Pages 1-10

Chapter 2: Oat Breeding

John Valentine, Alexander (Sandy) A. Cowan, and Athole H. Marshall
Pages 11-30

Chapter 3: Hulless Oat Development, Applications, and Opportunities

Vernon D. Burrows (Retired)
Pages 31-50

Chapter 4: Molecular Genetics of Quality in Oats

Stephen J. Molnar, Nicholas A. Tinker, Heidi R. Kaeppler, and Howard W. Rines
Pages 51-75

Chapter 5: Microstructure and Chemistry of the Oat Kernel

S.S. Miller and R.G. Fulcher
Pages 77-94

Chapter 6: Nutrient Composition and Nutritional Quality of Oats and Comparisons with Other Cereals

Robert W. Welch
Pages 95-107

Chapter 7: Oat Starch: Physicochemical Properties and Function

Sedat Sayar and Pamela J. White
Pages 109-122

Chapter 8: Storage Proteins

David M. Peterson (Retired)
Pages 123-142

Chapter 9: Oat Lipids, Enzymes, and Quality

Pekka Lehtinen and Anu Kaukorvirta-Norja
Pages 143-156

Chapter 10: Oat Phenolics: Biochemistry and Biological Functionality

F.W. Collins
Pages 157-217

Chapter 11: Oat β-Glucan: Properties and Function

Peter J. Wood
Pages 219-254

Chapter 12: Oats as a Functional Food for Health

K.M Behall and Judith Hallfrisch
Pages 255-273

Chapter 13: Current and Potential Health Claims for Oat Products

Rebecca S. Mathews
Pages 275-300

Chapter 14: Oat Milling: Specifications, Storage, and Processing

Noёl Girardet and F.H. Webster
Pages 301-319

Chapter 15: Oat and Dietary Fiber: Commerical Processes and Functional Attributes

David G. Stevenson and George E. Ingeltt
Pages 321-332

Chapter 16: Flavor and Texture in Processing of New Oat Foods

Marjatta Salmenkallio-Marttila, Raija-Liisa Heiniö, Anu Kaukovirta-Norja, & Kaisa Poutanen
Pages 333-346

Chapter 17: Oat Utilization: Past, Present, and Future

F.H. Webster
Pages 347-361

Back Matter

Pages 363-376